The Stories*

Fanfic Hospital By Fluterbev, Panik and Fingers.

Fanfic Flu By Psychgirl.

Fanfic Sex Therapist By Fluterbev.

Fanfic Intensive Treatment. By Mab

Fanfic General By Jess Riley.

Fanfic Thanksgiving. By Jane Davitt

Fanfic House By Fluterbev and Luicat.

Fanfic Asylum By Mab.

Fanfic Complications By Elaine.

Fanfic Awards By Fluterbev.

Fanfic Flounce By Elaine.

Fanfic Orgy By Psychgirl.

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*Disclaimer: Jim and Blair (and all the other characters from The Sentinel) are the creations of Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo. The things we do to them are the products of our own twisted minds. The original characters are the property of the authors, who - for the purposes of further installments in the Fanfic Hospital universe - are happy to share.