ARBVD: Academic Rant, Bordering on Verbal Diarrhoea

AU: Alternate Uniforms. A category in the EMFAs.

BNF: Best Nude Firefighter

COCK: Complication: Out Of Character Kink

DEMP: Deus Ex Machina Presentation

EMFA: Extinguish My Fire Awards, an annual event in which the Cascade Police Department and the Cascade Fire Department compete to see who has the most style.

H/C: Hot/Cold (or, to quote Jim, "See, it starts hot, then we make it go cold. With our beaters.). A category in the EMFAs.

MPREG: Male Pregnancy Resulting from Extreme Gayness

OCE: Out of Canon Experience

OTTA: Over The Top Angst

PEE: Pernicious Epithet Exacerbation

Ponderosacest: Exactly what you think it is...

SAD: Serious Angst Disorder

SLAsh: The Scooping Loose Ash category of the EMFAs.

SOGS: Sudden Onset Gayness Syndrome

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