Fanfic Intensive Treatment

"I think we're back to normal." Jim paused, but the urge to spout romantic nonsense was mercifully absent.

"Ya think? Stand up."


"Will you just freakin' stand up, Jim?"

"Oh, yeah," Jim groused. "Back to normal."

With both of them standing, Blair checked their relative proportions - *all* of them.

"Definitely back to normal," he said with satisfaction, in his lowest, growliest, most masculine voice. It was good to come up to Jim's nose again, instead of Jim's nipples.

"Yeah." Jim sighed. "Things got pretty high pitched there, darling, honey, sweetums - Shit!"

A gasping female voice called from Blair's room below.

"More sex. You need intensive treatment if you're not to suffer a relapse."

"Sorry, man. Looks like the celebrations were premature."

"Shut up and kiss me - " Jim struggled with his recalcitrant tongue before smiling in triumph. " - Chief. You heard the doc."

Blair hurriedly stripped off the flannel shirt that had inexplicably appeared on his increasingly lithe, slender and distressingly unhairy torso, before pressing his lips to Jim's so that their tongues could satisfyingly duel together in sweet battle.

"You bet," he gasped, breaking off for air, before he returned to the delicious fray.

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