Abandon all hope ye who enter here: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Welcome to Fanfic Hospital

Fanfic Hospital was conceived in the aftermath of GMOH2008 by Fluterbev, Panik and Fingers and published online to the enjoyment of many. Then Fluterbev went on to write Fanfic Sex Therapist. It was supposed to end there (or, at least, that's their story...) but the plague was spreading. First Psychgirl fell victim to the madness, then Mab. Things were getting out of control, but nobody cared. Other people became infected, offering either stories or suggestions for stories.

Quarantine seemed to be the only solution, and thus this website was born. All the stories in the Fanfic Hospital universe are held here under strictest supervision. Maybe it will work. Maybe the insanity can be isolated until a cure is found.

Or maybe it won't...

Enter, if you dare!